How do I register via

You can only access password-protected areas of the ONE GLOBE platform if you have registered and been approved as a Markant industry or retail partner on

If you do not have a account, you can use the contact form available on Please state in the comments section that you wish to have access to ONE GLOBE's password-protected areas.

Your personal login details for will then be sent to you. After going through the authentication process in, you will be able to access the services on ONE GLOBE's information portal.

How can I use the subscription function?

In the ONE GLOBE portal, you will regularly find new information on a wide range of food and non-food categories.

Using the subscription function, you can receive e-mail updates automatically as soon as a new article has been set up for the services and categories that you subscribe to.

Via your user account > "My subscription" or the "My subscription" menu item, you can select the services and food and non-food product categories of interest to you.

ONE GLOBE use the subscription

Where can I find webcasts?

Webcasts are only available in German.

How do I find the information services relevant to me?

Information service selection

The portal provides you with various easy options to find the documents that are important for you. You can filter the contents according to any food or non-food categories you like.

In addition, you can narrow down the time period by year/month.

Irrespective of categories and time periods, you have the option to search all available documents via a full text search.

What function does the target market selection have?

A lot of information that you can find in the ONE GLOBE portal is only valid for certain target markets. By selecting the target market, you block out all irrelevant information.

Target market

You have the following selection options:

  • Overall: All content of all the target markets is displayed.
  • EU: Content valid for the EU is displayed.
  • DE: All content valid for the German target market is displayed.
  • CH: All content valid for the Swiss target market is displayed.
  • DE: All content valid for the Austrian target market is displayed.
How do I get help if I have a technical question?

Technical QuestionsUsing a request form, registered Markant members can ask the ONE GLOBE team of experts retail-related questions about, for instance, hygiene, compliance, food safety, etc.

How can I ask a question regarding a particular webcast?

Webcasts are only available in German.

How can I ask a question about an information service article?

Using the corresponding button, you can ask the ONE GLOBE team of experts technical questions on any information service article.

Ask questions for information service articles