AUDITmobile - Das QS Tool für Handel und Industrie

AUDITmobile enables processes, systems, products and services to be assessed and evaluated and potential improvements and risks to be identified systematically.

The software helps the auditor and the organisation responsible for the audits to plan and execute the audit procedures and the quality audits as well as the necessary post-audits. A particular focus is on the evaluation of the audit results and the implementation of the recognised potential for optimisation.

Document management and guidance

The flow control integrated in AUDITmobile (workflow) controls the approval process and the regular resubmission and checking of documents. The system controls all the communications and information.

Hygiene inspections

The hygiene documentation is required in the company to produce or trade in food. Certain hygiene guidelines and requirements stipulated by the legislator must be adhered to, especially in this highly-sensitive industry.

Pursuant to the EU Food Hygiene Regulation No. 852/2004, the focus is mainly on determining critical issues (potential health risks) over the course of the process and defining, executing and monitoring appropriate safety measures.

AUDITmobile offers support with all necessary planning and work steps as part of the self-control according to HACCP and the documentation and helps to define critical control points.

Product testing

The German Commercial Code (HGB) requires deliveries to be monitored. If a client does not meet his obligation to examine the goods and give notice of defects in the case of incorrect deliveries, short deliveries and delivery failures, he will lose his warranty rights. 

AUDITmobile helps you with the automated and standardised inspection of incoming and outgoing goods as well as with measures for eliminating defects and claims.

store checks

If store checks are carried out on a regular basis, many stores of a company can be comprehensively compared and trends and potential improvements can be identified across the company.

AUDITmobile enables the comparable execution and evaluation of store checks as well as the systematic tracking of potential improvements and risks.

They are documented in a paperless, time-saving and comprehensible manner - all results are available centrally in AUDITmobile. Results, resulting measures and the handling thereof as well as the processing of the relevant cases by the store and area manager become transparent for the company management.