VIMS – identify product-related risks before damages arise

Tougher legal requirements and the ever growing demands of consumers and consumer protection authorities mean that trade is under increasing pressure to thoroughly address the issues of product quality and safety.

A complaint can have an adverse impact on a company's image. To avoid this, Markant presents VIMS (Vigilanz-Internet-Monitoring-System), a system that makes you aware of product-related problems as early as possible so that you can act accordingly.

VIMS is a search engine application that allows you to receive product-related risk and quality information via web-based media. It comes with an alert function that immediately notifies you via e-mail about investigated announcements so that your company can introduce necessary measures before a severe issue arises. This real-time information can avert and prevent harm to your product's and company's public image.

The first step involves feeding VIMS with secure and official information from defined sources such as BLV, RAPEX, BAuA regarding product recalls or product safety announcements. Next, data such as client complaints, supplier and employee reports as well as online reports on websites and social media is added. Successive and scientific studies, test reports and general information regarding products are also stored and assessed.

VIMS is available only to registered ONE GLOBE users. The alert feature that sends you investigated announcements is based on the pre-selected product categories for which you, as a ONE GLOBE user, have subscribed to receive information via the portal.