Crisis manager database

The crisis manager database gives registered users round-the-clock access to the current contact details of crisis representatives saved to date for Markant industry and retail partners in the D-A-CH region, so that they can react as quickly as possible in the event of damage or loss.

The crisis manager database is available online and can be used on almost every device with an internet connection.

Central management allows our industry and retail partners to avoid extensive documentation and administration of individual contact details.

Saved processes support the up-to-date nature of the data so that current contact details are always possible to find in a crisis.

If a product defect occurs, the contact management system first helps find out who in particular needs to be informed in the production and supply chain.

The correct contact for the supplier in question can then be directly determined through the central provision of all contact details. Quicker action is therefore possible and cases of damage or loss can be prevented much more effectively.

Login Crisis manager database


If you are already activated for the crisis manager database in, you can log in here directly. Otherwise contact your contact person.


Important note

The Markant crisis manager database is developed continuously. Please bear in mind that some crisis representatives of Markant partners have yet to be added to the database.