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About One Globe

This portal provides information and services on sustainability and product-related legal and compliance issues in the food and nonfood sector.

Legal topics presented in a comprehensible form

Current laws at your fingertips! Our service offers you a comprehensive and up-to-date source of product-related legislative information for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as all relevant EU legal acts. 

Environmental management made easy

Find out more about our environmental services. Save on site disposal and licence fees for battery disposal through bundling effects and find out about the current status of the Deforestation Ordinance!

Using packaging management efficiently

This segment includes product packaging services. Benefit from the bundling effect and legally compliant contracts, have a labelling check carried out or check your packaging for recyclability with the recycling checker!

Sustainable supply chains

The service in the context of the Supply Chain Security Obligations Act (LkSG) offers fast and efficient improvement of data quality for risk analyses of your supply chain by processing existing master data, centrally collecting new data for you and supporting contact with your business partners.

Be prepared with the crisis manager database

Be well prepared in a crisis: The crisis manager database enables efficient and immediate communication between participating suppliers and retailers in the event of complaints and product recalls.

Important events at a glance

We organise a wide variety of events on current topics for our partners: from the Markant trade forum to web events. You can find all the key dates here.